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By The Numbers: Drummondville Voltigeurs @ Québec Remparts – Feb 8 2015

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I decided to track the numbers for Quebec vs Drummondville on Sunday. Unfortunately my PvR didn’t start recording until just past the midway point of the 2nd period.

I thought about just scrapping the tape, but given the limited amount of data available for CHL prospects I decided I’d track the remainder of the game.

Note: I tracked the numbers for draft eligibles Anthony Beauvillier, Dennis Yan and Dmytro Timashov from Quebec vs Shawinigan on Friday night.

Zone Starts

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.19.45 AM

This is less than 30 minutes of data, but it wasn’t too surprising to see Vladdy Tkachev spoon fed offensive zone starts by Quebec’s coaching staff. He’s an elite offensive talent, and the game was tied 2-2 when I started tracking, so it makes sense to give him favorable situations to play in.

I understand why Timashov (Quebec’s leading scorer) wasn’t given a ton of OZ starts, as through 4.5 periods of hockey I’ve tracked he has shown the ability to drive play up ice, and gain the line with control of the puck on a consistent basis.

As for Barre-Boulet, Drummondville spent a lot of the latter half of the game in their own zone so it was tough to get him offensive zone starts. That said, it seemed as if the coaching staff was quite comfortable with him handling tough assignments. He fared pretty well – especially given how he was utilized – which you’ll see down below.

Zone Entries

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.34.23 AM

Tkachev didn’t start a lot of shifts outside the offensive zone so he didn’t have many opportunities to rush the puck up ice and attack through the neutral zone. He looked good the couple times he did, though.

The sample size isn’t overly large, but I’m prepared to say Dmytro Timashov is very good coming through the neutral zone. He was a perfect 5-for-5 in the 2nd half of the game against Drummondville, and is now 8-for-9 in 4.5 periods of hockey.

Shot Attempts

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.39.43 AM

He had favorable zone starts, but Tkachev put on a show in this one. He was a consistent offensive threat, and it shows in the numbers. I didn’t track Tkachev’s performance in Quebec’s game Friday night, but he looked pretty good through the eye. I have no idea how this guy wasn’t drafted last June. Wait, I do. Small + Russian = passed over.

Timashov consistently carried the puck up ice and safely into the offensive zone, which allowed Quebec to set up shop and go to work. The results speak for themselves. Timashov had a 70CF% on Friday, and was at 71% in the 2nd half of this game. Considering he has 73 points and over 100 shots in 51 games, you’d think he’d be getting more talk.

Alex Barre-Boulet is not ranked by Central Scouting. I only saw a small sample, but I have a hard time believing over 200 players in North America are better. He scored a pair of goals – one of which I missed – and drove possession at a high rate, despite starting every shift outside the offensive zone.

Hopefully I can track more of his games in the future, because he strikes me as a good sleeper.


Here are Timashov’s even-strength numbers through 4.5 periods of hockey. I just started doing this, so he’s the only player I have more than a game’s worth of data for.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.18.54 AM

If you use or share this data, please cite this blog as the resource.


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